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You step into your skis, look across the winter scene, scan the beautifully groomed trails and push off.

You don’t usually give much thought to how this all happens. We’d like to ask you to take a minute to consider exactly how it does all happen and how you can help.

On the surface, it takes just two key factors to make a successful season for the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation (JSTF): skiers and snow. In a “normal” year, like last year’s snow and good skiing, the season takes care of itself. The snow falls. The skiers come. The Foundation’s daily needs for payroll, utilities, the warm lodge, the plowed parking lots, fuel and equipment maintenance, right down to the trail signs and the logs on the Clubhouse fire are all pretty much taken care of by the cash flow generated from seasonal and daily trail passes.

The reality is that the meticulous preparation of 150 kilometers of trails is the full-time job of the Executive Director, his staff, and many volunteers. They work very hard at making it look easy for you, and their work is visible on the trails every day.

Not visible is the work of Jackson Ski Touring’s board of directors in making sure the Foundation has all the equipment the staff needs to accomplish this task -- not only this year, but for years to come. We want to explain why capital planning is critical to Jackson Ski Touring and why your help is so important.

This year JSTF purchased a new Pisten Bully, one of two such large machines used to groom the trails.  This purchase was planned well before the old machine it replaces was purchased. The useful life of our equipment is predictable, cyclical, and replacement can and is being planned in a regular sequence. This year’s new Pisten Bully is just one of the “big ticket” items that run in the background, but are absolutely essential before you step into your skis.

Each is a capital expense which even in the best of seasons, sales of daily and seasonal passes couldn’t come close to funding. It’s a fact of life — money makes capital planning work.

Providing the capital equipment JSTF needs to make your skiing great depends on your willingness to invest in JSTF beyond your trail pass or yearly membership.

The capital plan is in place. It is sound. And, it is already working this season. One hundred percent of the dollars donated will go directly to funding JSTF’s needs. Every dollar you give is a real investment in your enjoyment of all the best JSTF has to offer.

Before you slip your skis add a donation into your day's activities.


Thank you,


Breanne Torrey                        Kevin Killourie

Executive Director                   President

Jackson Ski Touring Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, and your donation is 100% tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.