First Time Skiers - Welcome to Cross Country Skiing in Jackson, NH

General information  you should know including the nonprofit Jackson Ski Touring Foundation - who we are and what we do, how to find Jackson XC, accommodations and reservations, helpful hints, nearby alpine skiing, restaurants, amenities, and gearing up to ski.

If this is your first time skiing, we recommend that you come to the Jackson X-C Base Lodge and sign up for our "Super-Saver Package". Our expert staff will assist you with ski equipment fitting and give you 1 hour of X-C ski instruction using our specially designed Learning Center and get you set up with recommendations for what trails to experience, where to find a good lunch, interesting viewpoints and more.  You will start out with more fun than trying to learn by yourself, your enjoyment of the sport will be greater, and you will ski farther and see more.

  • Lessons available daily throughout the ski season.
  • Certified Professional Ski Instructors (PSIA) on staff.
  • Sign up at the Ski School information desk or
  • Call 603-383-9355 or email info@jacksonxc.org



You can see all about cross country ski lesson and a Super Saver Package options here

What Kind of clothes should I wear?
Do not over dress. Alpine ski gear or snowmobile suits are usually way-too warm. You will be comfortable in cold weather jogging gear. Layering works well. Polypro long underwear has proven to be very effective as a starting layer. Thin gloves will usually prove more than adequate. Obviously, the colder the air temps, the more layers you'll want.

Trail Courtesies and Rules

1. Grooming machinery may be on the trails.  Listen and keep an eye out.  Please stay 200 feet from machines.

2. Skiers must always ski in control and be able to avoid other skiers and obstacles.

3. Skiers who stop must not impede the progress of other skiers.

4. Skiers must not bring dogs or pets on undesignated trails. (private landowners will rescind permission for the trails)

5. Skiers must understand and respect the posted trail signs.

6. Skiing on closed trails is prohibited.

7. Skiers must respect one-way markers of trails.

8. Skiers must know their ability level and ski on appropriate trails.

9. Skiers must respect proper technique for each trail. Skating is prohibited on classical trails.

10. Skiers must respect the environment and carry out what you carry in.

11. Skiers must know that trail conditions can be altered by wind, rain, and snow.

12. Skiers must know and accept risks inherent in cross-country skiing.

13. Skiers who remove skis must not walk in the groomed tracks. Walk on the edge of trail.

14. Snowshoeing is not permitted on groomed trails.

Important: NH skier responsibility code

A walking tour of the village