From the Director’s Desk

Jan 22, 2010

News Update

Dear Ski Friends,

It looks like another great weekend for skiing.  Don’t worry about Monday’s weather…that’s well after the skiing on Sunday.

Prospect Farm, Hall Trail, East Pasture Loop, Ellis River Trail and the usual suspects around the village are all ready for you.

I skied the Backside of Wildcat earlier in the week.  Not for everyone.  Those who are expert skiers will find it memorable.  There is 6-8” of new snow on top of a powder base that has been warmed and refrozen.  Not crusty.  So the layers are powder, dense powder on top of powder.  It’s pretty tricky because you can’t put a lot of pressure on your skis to turn.  A moose has also stomped 85% of the upper trail (they have no respect for the conditions).  And if that is not enough, there are about 15 blowdowns – 14 of which you can negotiate around or over.  The 15th is conveniently just below the only Caution sign on the upper section of the trail.  This one you need to stop and go over.

The Glades are really nice and as a reward Prospect Farm, being groomed, is glorious.

Tomorrows WMC 30k will not materially interfere with your skiing.  Don’t worry about people with bibs, they will just ski around you if you are on the Ellis River Trail between 10:30 and noon.

So anyway, winter is a precious time, don’t let it go to waste.

Drive safely on your way,