From the Director’s Desk

Mar 6, 2013

Spring is a happenin deal

It's March and there is great adventure afoot.  This is the time of year to expect all different experiences on skis.  Powder, granular, wet corn, sunshine, snow showers and more all in the same day.  Warm temperatures make for some fun skiing and cool morning temps add to the speed and reduce the effort required to travel longer distances.  The grooming guys (Andy and Mike) are making some nice skiing for you all.  The Backside a.k.a. The Wildcat Valley Trail has some great snow on it and will be open when conditions permit.

Plan on changing conditions for wax or go rustic and use waxless skis.  Take a picnic out into the forest and enjoy the company of your friends.  Don't forget sunglasses and suntan lotion. 

Today it's Sunny, tomorrow who knows?

Drive safely on your way,