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L-R Steve Frost, Anne Frost, Thom Perkins

Steve and Anne Frost (left) and Bruce and Victoria Hill (right) present JSTF Exec. Director

Thom Perkins with easement for the Jackson Village and the Yodel Trails.


Local Families Contribute Expand Permanent XC Trail Access in Jackson with Two New Trail Easements

Jackson, N.H. (August 23, 2010) – Thom Perkins, Executive Director of the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation (Jackson XC) announced the recent addition of two new permanent trail easements, gifts from Anne and Steve Frost and Bruce and Victoria Hill.  With the addition of these generous gifts, Jackson XC demonstrates its role as a conduit for interested skiers and landowners to make sure there will be cross country ski opportunities for future generations in Jackson Village.

The Frosts’ easement covers a portion of the Jackson Village Trail and it abuts the property of Peter Edwards who was an early donor of a permanent easement for the Jackson Village Trail, the Christmas Farm Trail and the Swamp Run; both easements are in the “village area” of the trail system.

“We are very concerned about the preservation of the Jackson Village Trail,” said Anne Frost when discussing the easement.  “It plays a very important part in the history of skiing as it was one of the original trails in Jackson and connects the village to ‘Stem Turn Hill’, site of one of the first ski instruction areas in the United States.”

Bruce and Victoria Hill have donated an easement for a section of the Yodel Trail.  This section is sandwiched between two other permanent easements including the recently donated easement from Bengt Karlsson to the north and one on the property of Eckart Wieske and Barbara Belfour to the south.  The Hills are long-time x-c skiers and supporters of Jackson XC.

"We have enjoyed x-c skiing in Jackson since the inception of Jackson Ski Touring in the 1970s and our daughter now trains and races on the trails," Vicki explained. "The easement was an easy way we could contribute to toward making the entire Jackson trail system permanent. We hope remaining landowners will do the same."

Since its beginnings, more than 30 years ago, the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation has fostered a vision for the future of Nordic skiing in and around Jackson Village.  The trail network includes 154 kilometers that travels over 68 parcels of private property plus land owned by the town of Jackson and White Mountain National Forest.  Over the years more than a dozen landowners have contributed tracts of land or permanent easements to the Touring Foundation to ensure the use of trails in perpetuity.

A complete map of the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation’s 150 kilometer trail network is available at or by calling (603) 383-9355.


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hi-res photos available Frost Easement

Frost Easement

caption:  Steve and Anne Frost with Thom Perkins, Jackson XC's Executive Director, as they present an easement over their Jackson, NH property for the Jackson Village Trail.

Hill Easement

caption:  Bruce and Victoria Hill with Thom Perkins, Jackson XC's Executive Director as they present an easement over their Jackson, NH property for the Yodel Trail.