From the Director’s Desk

Dec 19, 2014

 December 19, 2014

It is less than a week away until Christmas and the long awaited holiday recess. Let the countdown begin! Mother Nature sure has had a lot of early season tricks in her bag. We opened the day after Thanksgiving with 8”-10” inches of snow and have been gliding ever since. The recent week of mixed precipitation and warm temperatures haven’t slowed us down. Our groomers, or we like to refer to them as our magic makers, have not disappointed.  The conditions are surprisingly delightful, and there is still good coverage on the trails, especially in the higher elevations of Prospect Farm and the Hall Trail.  Our crew has been hard at work patching up any thin spots that have cropped up. 

The temperatures cooled down again last night and we were able to small machine groom the southern end of the Ellis River Trail (South Bound loop is closed) along with the Yodel, Eagle & Wentworth Fields and the Wave.  We will be freshening up the tracks and skate platform in Prospect Farm and South Hall tonight.  They will be ready to go for the weekend. I hope all are able to get up to JXN to enjoy.

We have a fun weekend planned. The Cocoa Café on the Ellis River Trail is open from 9:00-3:00 every weekend.  Be sure to stop by, warm by the fire, enjoy a delicious baked good from local bakeries, a cup of hot cocoa or just relax and enjoy the scenery. Guided snowshoe tours will be heading out on the trails at 10am & 1pm on Saturday and Sunday, and our ski school staff is, as always, standing by ready to teach you the skills, or help you improve upon your skills of the cross country skiing.  We will also be hosting a FREE waxing demo (Waxing 101) sponsored by Swix and Gorham Bike and Ski.  A great wax job has an enormous impact on your skiing experience.  Come learn from the best!  If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet, be sure to stop into Gorham Bike & Ski.  They have lots of great gifts, ranging from wax, apparel, hats and gloves, to great ski packages.  A gift certificate to Jackson Ski Touring for day/season passes or lessons makes gift as well.

It’s also time to register for the White Mountain Classic 30K.  Until 1/5/2015 registration is only $50 for those who would like to race.  For the Touring Class; those who do not want to be timed and are looking to check off their bucket list that they were able to ski a 30K, registration is only $40.  Don’t miss out on the early registration fees.  To register, go to and search for White Mountain Classic.  There will also be a direct link from our website coming soon. 

Hope to see you out on the trails!





Feb 13, 2014

10" - 14" is what the National Weather Service is predicting.  The groomers will be out in force and we're setting up for a wonderful week of skiing.  It doesn't get any better folks!  We have been enjoying the best skiing in New England all winter.  All of our trails are open and we'll have plenty of trails groomed after tonights storm. 

This weekend we have the Dave Duncanson Memorial Groomed Trail Challenge on Saturday.  Even if you don't think you can ski all our trails, I think you should consider splitting it up into sections and ski it over your visits here.  The goal should be to get to all the groomed trails.  If you don't think you have the skills to negotiate the hills, take a lesson from one of our professional instructors.  Then have at it.  You will discover some wnderful places along our trails.

Have you ever been to see the view from Maple Mtn? Hall's Ledge? Boggy Brook?  The Holcombe Fields? Woodland Trail overlooking Chandler/Sable Mtns in Maine on the far side of the East Branch River.  There are so many, many more.

So get on out there and discover the winter along our trails.  Start with the Dave Duncanson Memorial Groomed Trail Challenge and keep going.

Drive Safely on your way,



Feb 1, 2014

Dear Ski Friends,

The grooming crew has done a masterful job of make sure that the skiing is as good as possible for you.  Over the past 24 hours, they have carefully groomed 81.4 km of trails for both classic and skate.  The best part of the winter is upon us.  The staff and local townsfolks joined by visitors to Jackson have all had a great time enjoying the fine skiing on the trails.  And we have more snow in the forecast. 

The Olympic games are just around the corner.  It appears that NBC will be broadcasting nordic skiing this time around.  I am so proud of our skiers that are now making it to the top of the results.  Kikkan Randall, Jess Diggins and more are all capable of medal performances.  This is such a dream come true for those of us who have been out there every day for the past 40 years trying hard to provide for the possibilty of such performance.  We used to get excited about a top 25 performance.  Now our skiers are dissappointed if they don't get into the top 5. It's been fun to watch.

Good luck to all at the games.

Drive safely on your way,


Jan 18, 2014

Dear Ski Friends,

Jackson Ski Touring Center has been the exception to the lack of snow in the Northeast so far this winter.  We have received plenty of snow and we have retained it during the thaw.  The grooming crew using our array of machines have kept the trails open and skiing continues to be fun.  Every day skiers say "Wow, we weren't expecting the skiing to be this good!"

There may or may not be snow in your neighborhood but there is in ours.

I've been out skiing and I can say without a doubt that we have some wonderful skiing options for every level of skier.

Drive safely on your way,


Jan 12, 2014

Dear Ski Friends,

We've survived yesterday's rain/ice.  Andy has been out grooming.  The temperatures will be moderate today.  The snow is wet granular and can be fun.  There will be ponding in some areas.  Keep a sense of humor and have at it.  Check with the desk for the latest trail updates.

Word from Europe - the U.S.A. ladies team continues to be a force in the world standings.  Kikkan Randall won another World Cup sprint race on Saturday.  Things are looking good for the Olympics!

Our friend Marty Hall, former head coach of the US and Canadian National Ski Teams has been here for the past two days and we've had several conversations about the current potential for the National Teams.

Drive safely on your way,


Jan 8, 2014

Dear Ski Friends,

After a powdery start to the season and the recent weather, the grooming crew has recovered some wonderful skiing.  Where they have groomed, the snow is a loose sugary granular and it's certainly low effort skiing.  One can't imagine how good the skiing is without trying it for yourself.  I was out in the area of the Wave this morning getting the course ready for Saturday's Criterium Race.  UNH is here training.  Everyone is smiling.  The skiing is superb!

Drive safely on your way,


Dec 29, 2013

Dear Ski Friends,

The skiing has been wonderful.  We are certainly in the sweet spot as far as snow depth and quality is concerned.  We have the most terrain open and the most terrain groomed in all of New England.  The grooming staff has been out in force using the big and small machines to put down the tracks and corduroy.  We're expecting more snow tonight and are prepping East Pasture Loop today as well as making sure that we will have optimum conditions for today and tomorrow.  We expect to increase our trail count to 100% starting tomorrow. 

Call in well tomorrow and get out for some fabulous skiing and snowshoeing.

Drive safely on your way,


Dec 20, 2013

The recent snow has set us up nicely for skiing.  We currently have 104 km open.  The lads have been out in force grooming and getting the trails going for skiing.  I’ve been skiing the past few days and it’s been the berries!  The snow is still powdery.  We do have some weather coming in over the next few days but the skiing should continue to be good.  The crew will work their magic.  Check out the conditions page for updated conditions.

Our updated 2014 trail map is at the printer and will be here soon.  Get a sneak preview.  We've also updated our snowshoe maps -- Side 1 Side 2

Our ski school is fired up and I’m proud to report that they’ve added some new skiers to the sport. 
You still have time to order a gift certificate – it makes a great Christmas present.  Order Now 
Peter Minnich has already been out guiding a snowshoe tour.  We’ve added some additional tours for Christmas Week.  Here’s the dates and times:
Dec:  24 – 1pm; 27 – 10 am;  28 - 10 am & 1 pm;  29 – 10 am;  31 – 1 pm
Jan:     3 – 10 am; 4 – 10 am & 1 pm; 5 – 10 am 
These 2-hr tours are only $10.
If you’ve signed up for a season pass and haven’t had your new pass made yet, now’s the time.  Stop in and the front desk staff will take a photo of you and make up your pass.  If you haven't signed up yet but want to click here.
The logging operation in Prospect Farm has finally ended.  As soon as we can get back up there, we will be opening up the trails that have been closed due to the cutting. 
We put the new bridge in over the Wildcat River.  However, we have found a better site for the bridge just upstream of the old river crossing.  It will be less weather dependent and provide a wonderful ski connection between the Woodchuck and Wildcat fields.
The opening of the Waffle Hut on the Ellis River Trail has been delayed due to bureaucratic paperwork and will be open asap.  I’ll let you know.

Drive safely on your way,




Dec 10, 2013

Dear Ski Friends,

It's the 10th of December and there's snow on the ground here in Jackson New Hampshire.  Mike has packed out some skate lanes at the Eagle Fields (bring old skis and enjoy).  Next he's heading to Prospect Farm.  With our new access point parking at Marsh Brook and the end of logging operations on the Boggy Brook Trail, he's going to explore the snow situation on the high elevation plateau of Prospect Farm.  We'll update the conditions report when we know what's going on up there.

The weather report indicated significant snow possible on Saturday.  We'll watch out for that and groom it when it comes. It's the start of the season and we're planning on max fun this winter.  Come up often.

Drive safely on your way,


Nov 22, 2013

Hey Ski Friends,
We've completed several wonderful additions to the trails for you. 
It's going to be a great winter! 
What's new:
  • Brand New Pisten Bully 100 grooming vehicle
  • Improved Early Season Grooming Technology
  • Ellis River Waffle Hut
  • New Trail Access Point to access Prospect Farm (accommodating 32 cars)
  • New Aluminum Bridge connecting Wildcat and Woodchuck Fields
  • Improved Alice's Alley
  • and More!

The forecast is for 12" of snow on Wednesday night.  We'll be open and grooming on the day after Thanksgiving.

Drive safely on your way,


Oct 11, 2013

October 11, 2013

Dear Ski Friends,

Happy Columbus Day Weekend everyone. 

The Foundation's staff is busy, busy, busy getting ready for winter.  The trail crew has been out wacking weeds and clearing blowdowns.  They will be busy for the next 7 weeks.  They have finished the village area, the summit of the Wildcat Valley Trail and are working on the Southern Hall/Maple Mtn area.  A new bridge for a connection between the Woodchuck Fields and the Wildcat Valley Fields has been ordered.  This bridge will allow you to ski from the Woodchuck Fields parking lot to Alice's Alley and the Eagle Mtn House without taking your skis off. 

Our older Pisten Bully has been sold and the brandy new Kassborher PB 100 will be arriving the first week of December.  The grooming will even be better!

There is more news and I'll fill you in soon.

Drive safely on your way,


Oct 1, 2013

Dear ski friends,

The ride into the Jackson Ski Touring Center at dawn was stunningly beautiful.  The White Mountains around Jackson were crisp in the clear morning air with the low sun angle accenting the contours.  The foliage is starting to get colorful and there seems to be a sense of urgency about the village to get ready for winter. 

The trail crew started this morning.  The mowing of the trails is done.  Next comes 8 weeks of hand work to finish the brushing, make sure that the bridges are up to snuff, maintain drainages, put up signs and do the myriad of things that the crew does each year. 

We're getting ready for a great winter.  I hope that you will join us often.

Drive safely on your way,



May 28, 2013

Greetings Ski Friends,

Summer is upon us and the Board and Staff of the Foundation are preparing for the future.  We are looking at long range plans as well as programs, events and current trail issues.  We are planning on some fun events and programs.  Season Passes will be on sale soon.

So for now, it's time to start enjoying the warmer weather and keep fit and active so that the coming ski season will be fun.  Fit for Life!

Drive safely on your way,


Mar 6, 2013

It's March and there is great adventure afoot.  This is the time of year to expect all different experiences on skis.  Powder, granular, wet corn, sunshine, snow showers and more all in the same day.  Warm temperatures make for some fun skiing and cool morning temps add to the speed and reduce the effort required to travel longer distances.  The grooming guys (Andy and Mike) are making some nice skiing for you all.  The Backside a.k.a. The Wildcat Valley Trail has some great snow on it and will be open when conditions permit.

Plan on changing conditions for wax or go rustic and use waxless skis.  Take a picnic out into the forest and enjoy the company of your friends.  Don't forget sunglasses and suntan lotion. 

Today it's Sunny, tomorrow who knows?

Drive safely on your way,


Feb 28, 2013

We have received a bunch of snow in the past 24 hrs 12+". Grooming ongoing and the skiing is aces. Element Garden open. Use F4 for glide on waxless skis.
Ellis River Trail, Hall Trail, Maple Mtn, the international race course (Wave/Betty/Henry and John etc), the northern fields, Yodel, Wentworth and the Village are all groomed for classic and skate skiing.


Feb 25, 2013

All trails open today.  "Super Deluxe Grooming" on Ellis, Village, Wentworth, Yodel/Gale, Eagle/Wave/Fields East Pasture Loop, South Hall/Maple Mtn and Village are all groomed for track and skate. Zoom Zone and Element Garden open.  Use F4 for glide on waxless skis.

It doesn't get much better folks.

Drive safely on your way,


Feb 6, 2013

Dear Ski Friends,

The weather prognosticators have us receiving 6-12" of snow Friday/Friday night and we know what to do with that.  Leave work early and get up here.  It will be some of the best skiing of the season.

30+k groomed today - lot's more on Saturday with the new snow.

Upcoming events: 
Friday Gliders - 1 pm. Friday - All ages and abilities invited
Awesome Wax Demonstration - 3:30 Friday
Snowshoe Tours with Peter Minnich 10 and 1 on Saturday & Sunday - All ages and abilities invited.  Reservations 603-383-9355
Snowshoe Race 10 am Sunday Feb 10th

We had a pick up high school race yesterday moved here due to
lack of snow at the original site.

        4th lesson and already a skating machine!

Drive safely on your way,

Jackson Ski Touring Foundation

Feb 3, 2013

Yesterday the skiing on the Ellis and Hall Trail was reported as extraordinary. Andy groomed it again last night and we had a dusting of new snow to add to the mix. For classic skiers use KR20 covered with KR30 covered with VR 40 for kick and for skaters and classic glide use LF6 mixed with LF 7. For waxless skiers - use F4 wipe on. Remember it's all about kick and glide. Photos later.

Drive safely on your way,


Jan 23, 2013

January 23 - It's winter, dress appropriately today and stay in the forest.  Prospect Farm has received 6-8" of new snow in the past 4 days.  A dusting of snow in the village added to the snowpack.  Yesterday, Bengt Karlsson, Tony Federer, Charlie Kellogg and I went up to Popple Mtn to explore a new route between Popple and Maple Mtns.  We skied up Popple Mtn on the Hall Trail and donned our snowshoes and trekked across to Maple Mtn Loop on the 1900' contour.  This new, easy route would eliminate the challenging climb just beyond the Maple Mtn Loop up to the summit of Popple Mtn if heading north, or the fast decent if heading south.

Jan 21, 2013

January 21 - Cross Country Skiing will be good today on the Ellis, Eagle/Wave, Hall/Maple, Prospect Farm and East Pasture.  Summit of Wildcat is open. More Snow in Forecast.  Our Zoom Zone Traditional Tubing Park is open.

Jan 17, 2013

We received 3-5" of new snow yesterday on top of our base that survived the warm up over the first part of the week.  Other areas in the northeast got totally baked out, but our trails survived just fine.  The grooming crew has been out overnight and they hit the following trail areas: East Pasture, Ellis/South Hall/Maple, Wentworth, Eagle/Wave/Betty and the fields.  Sweet!  Snow continues to be in the mid distance weather forecast.  If you like powder skiing, get up here.

Drive safely on your way,


Dec 29, 2012

Dear Ski Friends

In addition to all the trails we groomed yesterday, we opened up the Maple Mtn Loop and East Pasture Loop with the big machines overnight.  We are also grooming the village trails today with the big machine.  All trails are open.  The Zoom Zone is open and rockin.  Powder skiing at its best.

Drive safe on your way,


Dec 14, 2011

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Dear Ski Friends,
Gorham Bike and Ski is hosting a Team/Club night tomorrow Dec 15th from 4:00 – 8:00 pm.  Free Admission, Refreshments, Special Deals for Team or Club Members.  All ages welcome.  Factory Reps will be here from Fischer, Swix and Salomon.  Come learn stuff and get a bargain.
Congrats to U.S. Ski Team member Kikkan Randall for her second World Cup win in a row.  I remember when she was a teenager racing here in the Jackson 2000 Junior Olympics.  She won those races as well.  I also watched her race at the Whistler Olympics two years ago.  She’s doing great!
Our next Potluck Dinner featuring our Annual Silent Sign Auction is scheduled this weekend Dec 17th.  The socializing begins at 6:00 pm.  If you can’t make it but want to bid on a sign, please call the office by 5 pm on Saturday at 603-383-9355 or email  There are 10 experienced trail signs up for bid.  These are signs that have either become obsolete or have been redone.  More importantly, they know the way to where you were going :). I pictures of them are on our Facebook page
If you are looking for other perfect holidays gift, we have Gift Certificates available for lessons, trail passes and season passes.  You can find them online at our e-store or again you can call the office.
We’ve been getting a bit of snow this morning and the 15 day weather forecast has the word “snow” in it.  Bring it on.
Drive safe on your way,

Dec 8, 2011

Dear Ski Friends,
Not much to report about skiing at the moment except that while last night’s storm didn’t provide the snow as predicted, we still have snow in the forecast in the near future.  So we have our fingers crossed and our hopes up high that we will be providing skiing for you in the very near future.
If you are looking for that perfect present for the holidays, we have Gift Certificates available for lessons, trail passes and season passes.  You can find them online at our e-store .
The grooming crew has a new trick up its sleeve.  We have acquired a second ATV to increase our early season grooming capability.  They have also improved the grooming implements for both of the ATV’s so that the grooming will be even better. 
Over the Thanksgiving weekend, skiers had a chance to preview the new section of the Ellis River Trail.  We have some positive feedback about the terrain.  It has made the Ellis River Trail both longer and the mid section harder.  But those who get that far should be able to ski it.
Our next Potluck Dinner with the Annual Silent Sign Auction is scheduled for Dec 17.  My weekly wax clinic on Monday the 12th will focus on getting your skis prepped for the coming season.
Martha Davis will be conducting a Yoga Series on Friday mornings for a warm-up to skiing.  These start on Jan 6th.
I posted on our Facebook page that I am not shaving until we are grooming with Pisten Bullys.  I’m posting a picture a day.  Someone said that I’m starting to look like Sean Connery.
Drive safely on you way,

Nov 22, 2011

Dear Ski Friends,

National Weather Service has a Winter Storm Warning out for our area tonight through tomorrow.  If there is anything left on Friday we will be grooming.  Our office will be open for season passes.  The skiing will be available on a free basis on Friday - our gift to everyone. 

At this time we are not sure where the grooming will be.  I will update the website with the latest info on Friday morning.

Season passes are still available at the preseason price until next Wednesday.  Be sure to get your membership in to take advantage of the offer.  After Wednesday the price goes up to $135 - still a bargain.

The trails are completely ready for snow and the grooming crew is anxious to get going.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Drive safely on your way,


Nov 10, 2011

Dear Ski Friends,

SPECIAL DEAL -- This Saturday only at the Ski Swap -- Purchase two ticket vouchers for the coming season for only $35 (regularly $42). Available from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Good any day during the winter.

The Ski Swap starts at 9 a.m.  Bring your gear to sell between now and then.  Then Saturday the doors open for both the sale and the Gorham Bike and Ski Fischer/Swix Concept Shop at 9.

Our site is in maintenance mode so some of the pages are not available at the moment.  The conditions on the homepage are reporting fully open...a bit premature.  But we will be up and running in the near future.  In the mean time, sign up for your season passes

Drive safely on your way,


Nov 3, 2011

Dear Ski Friends,

Each morning as I get out of the house before dawn, I can truly sense the change of seasons with the arctic air mass shifting down over New England.  I have also seen Orion in the early morning sky.  Both are sure signs of the coming winter. 

I skied Monday - someone had to do it, it might as well have been me. I grabbed some Fischer skis out of the rental area and went up to the Woodchuck Fields.  What fun to be on snow again!

Skiing on the Woodchuck Fields October 31 2011

                 Monday Oct 31

We could use your help on the trails on Saturday.  If you plan to join us for the Trail Volunteer Day, please let me know by email. We will gather at the Touring Center at 8:30 a.m. and head out to the trail projects for the morning.

Next Monday we move back into our normal winter mode.  We will start accepting gear for the 9th Annual Nordic Ski Swap and Sale which will happen on that Saturday Nov 12th from 9am - 2 pm.  Get in line early for the best selection of gear.  The Gorham Bike and Ski Swix/Fischer Concept Shop will be having their season's grand opening also.  They tell me that they will be some good bargains as well.  Look for our new billboard on the way.

Denise reports brisk season pass sales.  Don't miss out, call her at 800-937-6697 or go online to order yours today!

Check out and then "Like" our Facebook page Jackson Ski Touring Center for more information.

Drive safely on your way,


Oct 28, 2011

Dear Ski Friends,

It snowed last night and as you probably have heard, it is likely to have substantial snow tomorrow night as well.  A bit early to open but it sure makes it seem like winter is coming on soon.  One year we opened Nov 17 so who knows?

I have worked out a special deal for our season pass holders with Bretton Woods and Great Glen Trails. If you want to take your skis to either other fine area for the day early in the season - any day before January 1, you can can show your pass and pick up their nordic day ticket for only $5.  And you can visit multiple times if you wish.

Sign up for our season pass now and get not only this special deal, but a preseason rate of only $115 per adult.

The trailwork to get ready for the winter is going great.  We have a volunteer trail day scheduled for Nov 5th.  We'll meet at the Touring Center at 8:30 a.m. and have several project lined up.

I have posted a series of photos on our Facebook Page of the newly completed section of the Ellis River Trail.  I took them going from the north to the south.  This new section of trail is about 2 km long.

The 9th Annual Ski Swap is coming on the 12th and our monthly potluck dinners are the following Saturday, the 19th.

Drive safely on your way,


Dec 21, 2010

December 21, 2010
Dear Ski Friends,

Christmas week is fast approaching and although Jackson has yet to see a snowfall significant enough to open our trails, we expect snow in the coming days and are ready for it. There is a new dusting of snow on the ground, and it's steadily snowing lightly. The trail crew is inspecting the trail system right now, and we have almost enough snow to open some of the upper routes for you. We're expecting more snow in the next 24 hours, and as soon as the snow base is solid enough, we will open. When we do open our trails, we will update our information on the Conditions Page of our website, so be sure to check in often.

In other news, I have added two new snowshoe trail maps for the Holcombe Property Snowshoe Trail and the Mirror Lake Snowshoe Path to our website. These maps can be viewed by following the links or visiting the Trail Network section of our website.

The Gorham Bike and Ski Shop is open for business with extremely competitive prices, so if you're looking to get last-minute stocking stuffers or Christmas gifts, feel free to drop by. The SWIX and Fischer concept shop looks great, and the Touring Center now features the history of SWIX around the base lodge - not something you see every day.

We look forward to seeing you on the trails this winter.

Drive safely on your way,


December 9
Dear Ski Friends,

It’s fun to observe.  This is the time of year everyone starts panicking about snow.  After so many years of watching the winters approach and the way the seasons change, I find the recent weather encouraging and peoples worrying so typical.  Snow is in the upper elevations and on the western sides of the mountains.  The ground is freezing nicely and the rivers have ice starting to form.  All goods signs of the fun that’s about to start.

This Saturday is our December Potluck Dinner here at the Center.  It is also our annual Sign Silent Auction.  Come and bid on a sign.  This year we have 8 signs up for sale.  It starts at 6:00 with app dishes and then 6:30 dinner.

As soon as the snow is on the ground, we will have our ski school up and running.  If you are a season member, you can take advantage of the Free Tune-Up Lessons.

People are signing up for the weekly Friday Gliders (classic skiing)- which starts on Jan 7th - and Tuesday Trekkers (snowshoeing) - which starts on Jan 4th.  These programs are fun way of getting out with friends new and old and are very social.  2 hrs of recreation followed by an hour of chat, refreshments and beverages in the Center.

The Gorham Bike and Ski Concept Shop really looks good.  There are lots of toys to come and touch.  Also, consider a Jackson Ski Touring Foundation gift certificate for a holiday gift. 

Skiing will be here soon.  Get out and get some exercise so you can enjoy the winter in the forest here at Jackson.

My broken leg feels strong and hopefully the cast comes off tomorrow....then let the fun begin!

Drive safely on your way,

Nov 2010
Dear Ski Friends,

I’m envisioning a 23 f degree day with blue skies and Andy’s perfectly packed powder grooming on the decent off the north slope of Popple Mtn.  I’m taking it easy and only doing about Warp 3 because I want to look around at the scenery.   My skis are fast and the wind on my face is brisk.  I put a dry hat on at the summit so I’m feeling warm enough……

Enough daydreaming…..the fall colors are just about gone and the weather today is really nice.  The trail crew has been hard at work getting the trails in top shape for the coming winter.  The Pisten Bully machines are being tuned up and will be ready for the excellent conditions that the weather pundits are predicting for the winter.  NOAA – “If enough cold air and moisture are in place, areas north of the Ohio Valley and into the Northeast could see above-average snow…”

Coming up, we have the Annual Ski Swap and Sale on Nov 13th

You can bring in good used equipment that you wish to sell anytime during regular business hours (8:00 – 4:00 p.m.) starting Nov 8th through the 12th.  You can also bring in gear on the 13th between 9:00 and 10:30 a.m.  The sale starts at 9:00 a.m. sharp on the 13th.  Gear is already starting to show up.  You will find other useful information on that webpage as well.

Nov 6th is our volunteer trailwork day.  We will gather at the Touring Center at 8:30 a.m.  Bring a pack with lunch and fluids and wear sturdy footwear and appropriate clothing.  The work will concentrate on clearing the snowshoe trails with our trail crew leading groups.  Let me know if you can help so that we can plan the day.  Please email me at

The Gorham Bike and Ski’s Nordic Concept Shop is scheduled to officially open on Nov 13th.  Look for this billboard on your way up Route 16 in Ossipee.

Concept Shop Billboard



We have the Jackson's Swenor Fall Classic Rollerski Race of Truth that day (Nov 20) which starts with registration at 8:30 and first racer off at 10a.m.  We are looking for a few volunteers to help with traffic control for that morning.  Let me know if you can help. 

Reminder:  The discount deadline for season passes is fast approaching.

Real Snow Skiing will be here soon.  Get out and get some exercise and enjoy the forest in winter here in Jackson.

Drive safely on your way,


p.s. The annual Jackson Ski Touring Club newsletter is now available online.

Aug 18, 2010

Hi Ski Friends,

Deep Summer is winding down and thoughts of fall trail work are starting to creep in.  Today I spent the morning in the woods with U S Forest Service Ranger Joe Gill finalizing the route for a future trail called The Keeney Trail.  Two new easements have been signed.  Our thanks to Bruce and Vicky Hill and to Steve and Anne Frost for easements to preserve the trails on their properties.

Annual memberships will be on sale starting September 1.

We were truly saddened to hear of the passing of two of our long time annual members and friends.  Both Rose Ann Yap and Jan Kuhn passed away this summer.  Both were way too young and their passing was way too soon.  We will miss them.

Hope to see you soon,


Feb 4, 2010

Dear Ski Friends,

It’s another glorious day for skiing.  Sunny and not too cold.  The Ellis is looking spiffy and the South hall Trail received ½” new snow which was groomed in.  Maple Mtn has that same bit of snow on top of the grooming.  Get yourself out here and enjoy!  This weekend we will be skiing on the Ellis, South Hall/Maple Mtn, North Hall, Prospect Farm, East Pasture Loop, Wentworth, Woodchuck Fields and the International Race Course at Eagle.

Jan 22, 2010

Dear Ski Friends,

It looks like another great weekend for skiing.  Don’t worry about Monday’s weather…that’s well after the skiing on Sunday.