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Report Date:
October 23, 2014 7:13pm EST
Ski Trails Open including Backcountry (Km):
Backcountry Trails Open (Km):
Machine Groomed Tracks (Km):
Machine Groomed Lanes (Km):
Snowshoe Trails Open (Km):

Ellis River Corridor:
0 km open
East Pasture Area:
0 km open
Prospect Farm/Wildcat Valley Trail:
0 km open
Village Area:
0 km open
Upper Village Area/Wave:
0 km open
WMNF & Ungroomed Backcountry:
0 km open

Expected Surface Lower Elevations:
Expected Surface Mid Elevations:
Expected Surface Upper Elevations:
Average Snow Depth at Center:
Average Snow Depth Upper Elevations:
New Snow Lower Elevations (last 24 hours):
New Snow Upper Elevations (last 24 hours):
Expected Wax (Lower Elevations):
VR 45 - KX50
Expected Wax (Upper Elevations):
VR 45 - KX 50
Expected Glide Wax:
Current Winds:
General Sky Conditions:
Current Temp at Center:
Predicted High Temp:
We are closed for the season. A big heartfelt thank you to everyone for all your support and generosity, helping to make it another amazing ski season! Will be good water skiing out there today.
Quote of the Week:
"We Make Fun of Winter"

We try our best to give an honest account of conditions, and our plans for grooming, etc. This is an outdoor activity, so changes of weather, environmental changes, and unforeseen circumstances can lead to changes and deviations from our plans, and from our latest observations.  Early Season and Spring Season Conditions include the possibility of variable snow, thin spots, subsurface obstacles, and open water.