Prospect Farm

This map represents the Prospect Farm area, a small portion (19.3 km) of JSTF trails in the 154 km system. A description of the new trails follows the map.

#63 UST - Easier - .8 km Leaves the Dana Place Trail at the west end of Prospect Farm. Shortly after leaving the Dana Place Trail there is an excellent view to the southwest across the Ellis River Valley towards Popple Mountain, Maple Mountain and Mount Isolation. The trail continues on a logging road to a forest opening with a view of Wildcat Ridge towards Halls Ledge and Mount Washington.

#64 Orchard Trail - Easier -- .9 km Leaves the Wildcat Valley Trail above the intersection of the Dana Place Trail. It passes a view that is presently overgrown (known as Lookout Rock) and then a 1950’s vintage Buick Century. The trail continues to a large forest opening with views north towards Halls Ledge and Wildcat Ridge. This is a pleasant side trip for anyone exploring the Wildcat Valley Trail or Prospect Farm.

#65 Quail Trail - Easier -- .8 km The Quail Trail was originally cut as a logging road and maintained for a time by the Jackson Conservation Commission. Recently, the U.S. Forest Service used it as a logging operations road. When the operation was closed out the trail was added to our Special-Use Permit area. The trail leaves west from the Wildcat Valley Trail halfway between the Boggy Brook Trail and the Dana Place Trail. It traverses town owned land and enters National Forest and a large opening before meeting the Marsh Brook Trail.

# 68 Beth Hendrick Trail - More Difficult - 0.5 km. Previously a logging road brushed out originally by Bob Henrick, a Jackson vacation homeowner, in the 1970’s. The Foundation’s crew has recently reopened it. The trail leaves the Wildcat Valley Trail at the northern boundary of Prospect Farm and ends at Hub’s Loop. This trail combination provides a fun alternative for those skiing the Wildcat Valley Trail from the summit or a pleasant loop for those just exploring this area.

#69 Hub’s Loop - More Difficult - 0.75 km. Loops off the Wildcat Valley Trail from above the Baker Memorial Rock and reenters the Wildcat Valley Trail just above the intersection of the Orchard Trail and the abandoned Towle Farm homesite.

#66 Sugarbush Glades -- .5 km More Difficult. A glade cut by Black Mtn Ski Area and available for Jackson Ski Touring Club members for descent from the East Pasture Loop area.

#9 Dana Place Trail re-route - Most Difficult re-establishes this important link from Prospect Farm to Route 16 paralleling the Blake House Trail but meeting the road much closer to Dana Place and the Ellis River Trailhead.