Dog Ski-joring at JacksonXC

Jackson has a limited number of dog ski-joring “kits” available to rent. This is an option we are offering on a trial basis. The harnesses are sized by measuring the dog.

There is more involved than just fit, too. Your dog needs to be physically and temperamentally suited to this activity; as do you. Renting is a good way to try this activity without having to purchase your own set.  We have size Medium and Medium Large; and you may try the harness on the dog prior to renting – please do not bring the dog into the Touring Center building.

Also, please understand that this will take additional time and that rental shop staff may be very busy working with skiers.  A quiet day or quieter time on a busy day would be a better time to give this a try. If it becomes too time-consuming we may limit ski-joring rentals to midweek-only.

Thank you as we work to provide a new service; there are not many touring centers that offer ski-joring rental equipment.  We may find out that there is a reason for this! Or we may be leaders in this field. Time will tell.

Here is the chart that lets you determine your dog’s size:

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