Jackson Ski Touring Foundation is a nonprofit organization and is tax exempt under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Jackson Ski Touring Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, and your donation is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.


You clip into your skis, look across the winter scene, scan the beautifully groomed trails and push off. You don’t usually give much thought to how this all happens. We’d like to ask you to take a minute to consider exactly how it does all happen and how you can help.

The Foundation’s daily needs for payroll, bridges and trail maintenance, utilities, the warm lodge, the plowed parking lots, fuel for grooming and equipment maintenance, right down to the trail signs and the logs on the ski lodge fire all take funds to be able to make happen. While most of these costs are pretty much taken care of by the cash flow generated from seasonal and daily trail passes, operations are becoming very costly and we need your help! Your support and investment will go directly into our operating fund and will work to ensure that we can keep prices low and continue to offer free skiing for all children under the age of 10, training opportunities for athletes, other free programs, enabling us to continue to maintain the quality and trails you have come to love.

Before you clip into your skis and hit the trail add a donation into your day’s activities…every dollar helps!

Please show your love of Jackson XC by donating today!


Our trails and capital fund is the other most important aspect of our fundraising efforts. You have come to love JSTF because of our extensive trail system that is groomed to perfection daily. Though we already have incredible trails, they sometimes need to be relocated due to resource issues, bridges age and weaken, Pisten Bullys get tired and need to be replaced and lands need to be protected through executing stewardship plans and conservation easements. The useful life of our equipment and bridges is predictable, cyclical, and replacement can and is being planned in a regular sequence. Each is a capital expense which even in the best of seasons, sales of daily and seasonal passes couldn’t come close to funding. It’s a fact of life — money makes capital planning work. Not visible, is the work of Jackson Ski Touring’s board of directors in making sure the Foundation has all the equipment the staff needs to accomplish this task — not only this year, but for years to come. Providing the capital equipment JSTF needs to make your skiing great depends on your willingness to invest in JSTF beyond your trail pass or yearly membership. Every dollar you give is a real investment in your enjoyment of all the best JSTF has to offer.


Jackson Ski Touring Foundation and the ski community has lost a devoted friend, supporter and Board Member.

Charlie was born in Boston, MA and attended the Holderness School and Williams College. He joined the US Army Biathlon training unit in Alaska and won the 1965 National Biathlon Championships. He was on the 1968 Olympic Cross Country Team, skiing the 30 km and 50 km events in the Grenoble Winter Games. He served as the Nordic VP of the USEASA and is now the Vice Chairman for US Biathlon. He was also an active member serving on the board of the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation.

The Kellogg Family has asked those who wish to make a donation to the Touring Foundation in his name to the Charlie Kellogg Memorial Fund.


In-kind gifts include physical assets in lieu of cash. Examples of in-kind donations could be collections, equipment, books, software, skis and other personal property given to Jackson Ski Touring for its use or for liquidation. Gifts-in-kind valued in excess of $500 should be accompanied by a deed of gift and the fair market value as determined by the donor.

If you are interested in making an in-kind gift to Jackson Ski Touring, please contact us to determine if the gift fits our current needs.