Gift Cards

Gift cards are non-refundable. Gift cards are to be treated as cash; if it is lost or stolen, it cannot be replaced. Gift cards can be used for in person purchase of services at the JacksonXC Touring Center Building; and for merchandise that is sold on-site by JacksonXC; they are not good at Gorham Bike & Ski, the Cocoa Cabin or for events registered via SkiReg. For gift card balance, additional terms and any associated expiration date, present the card at our main offices or sales points. Purchased gift cards do not expire; promotional certificates and/or cards may have applicable expiration dates which are printed on the card/certificate.

Season Passes

Season passes are non-refundable. Season passes are only valid for season indicated at time of purchase and/or printed on pass. A fee of $20 will be charged for replacement of a season pass. Season passes must be prominently displayed and presented while using JacksonXC ski trails. Management may revoke a Season Pass without refund at anytime for misconduct or misuse.