From the Director’s Desk

Oct 11, 2013

Lot's going on here

October 11, 2013

Dear Ski Friends,

Happy Columbus Day Weekend everyone. 

The Foundation's staff is busy, busy, busy getting ready for winter.  The trail crew has been out wacking weeds and clearing blowdowns.  They will be busy for the next 7 weeks.  They have finished the village area, the summit of the Wildcat Valley Trail and are working on the Southern Hall/Maple Mtn area.  A new bridge for a connection between the Woodchuck Fields and the Wildcat Valley Fields has been ordered.  This bridge will allow you to ski from the Woodchuck Fields parking lot to Alice's Alley and the Eagle Mtn House without taking your skis off. 

Our older Pisten Bully has been sold and the brandy new Kassborher PB 100 will be arriving the first week of December.  The grooming will even be better!

There is more news and I'll fill you in soon.

Drive safely on your way,