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We are passionate about our expansive trail network: 50+ trails at 150 km.
That many trails requires lots of attention. We take pride in our hard-working, expert grooming team.
Learn more about our trails below.


Dominated by views of Mount Washington and the famous Presidential Ridge, the 100 km trail system spans three river valleys and 60 square miles of the splendid highlands of the White Mountains. Starting from our base lodge, skiers choose a tour to sunny open vistas, serene woodland terrain, challenging mountain descents or our world class race course areas. Jackson’s trails are designed and cut to offer optimum skiing conditions during the long winter season.

Rules Of Use

  • Valid trail pass is required for Nordic use of the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation maintained trails. Passes are available on a daily and seasonal basis.
  • Access to Bog Brook Trail and East Branch Trail shall not be reasonably withheld by the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation.
  • Access to Black Mountain Cabin shall require a pass if access is via the East Pasture Trail. Jackson Ski Touring Foundation has no control over access to the cabin via the Black Mountain Cabin Trail.
  • Any unauthorized use of the trails which presents a hazard to skiers is prohibited. This includes snow machines, ATV’s, hikers on ski trails, and pets. No vehicles are allowed on the trails. This includes vehicles designed to travel on snow and cars and trucks primarily designed for travel on roads. Dog sleds are forbidden.
  • No sleds, tubes or other snow play devices, other than pulks which are hard attached to the person towing the pulk, are allowed on the trails.
  • Dogs are only allowed on trails which are designated as pet friendly by the Executive Director. Pet friendly trails are identified on the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation Trail Map and website. Service dogs will be allowed access to all trails and base lodge.
    • Dogs should be under verbal or physical control. Pay particular attention when loading and unloading at the trailhead.
    • Clean up after your dog.
    • Skiers will experience dogs on these trails; ski with caution. 
  • Snowshoeing is allowed only on trails designated as snowshoe paths.
  • Skiing is not allowed on single track snowshoe paths.
  • Skiers and snowshoers shall not use trails designated as “CLOSED”.
  • Other rules of use may be submitted periodically for approval by the US Forest Service as deemed necessary by the staff of the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation.
  • The trails do not close due to darkness.
  • Grooming machines may be encountered at any time.
  • Rules of Use will be posted in the Touring Center.

Other Maps & Loops

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Primary Map

Snowshoe Map

1.4km FIS Homologated Course Map

2.5km FIS Homologated Course Map

3.75km FIS Homologated Course Map

5km FIS Homologated Course Map

Individual Start Stadium Map

Tin Mountain Snowshoe Trails

Sprint Stadium Map