Snowshoes are a traditional way to explore mountains in the winter!

Guided Snowshoe Tours

Saturday and Sunday at 10 am and 1:00 pm, by reservation

Jackson Ski Touring Foundation maintains 40 kilometers of dedicated, self-guided, purpose-built snowshoe trails.  Trails are mapped, well-marked and there are many “you are here” signs at intersections.  (A la carte pricing for snowshoe tickets and rentals.)

Guided Snowshoe Tours:

Come and let our experienced guides take you into Jackson’s peaceful woods! We have 40 miles of trails to explore.  On your walk our guides will explain the geology and ecology of the area, as well as talk about local history.

Guided Tours are essentially private; you and your party comprise the group. Reservations are required.

Scheduled Tours (Sat, Sun, vacation weeks, 10 am or 1 pm): $37 per person (includes tour, all day snowshoe trail pass and rental snowshoes if needed). ($50/solo tour.)

Private Tours/scheduled at your convenience: $50/person, two person minimum. By availability.

A free map of the snowshoe trails is provided with the purchase of a trail pass

Snowshoe Trail Pass & Rentals

Trail pass: $10.00 per person

MSR snowshoes: $15 per pair/day

Jackson has long been known for a variety of winter activities. Snowshoes are a traditional way to explore mountains in the winter. The development of lighter, smaller snowshoes has led to the increasing popularity of recreational snowshoeing.

Guided Tour

Why take a guided tour? Can’t I just follow the trail?

The reason to take a guided snowshoe tour is not that you will get lost without the guide. Getting lost is very unlikely. Your guide is there to help with getting you comfortable on your snowshoes and provide a smoothly selected route that makes the most of your time.  The guide will make sure you see the natural points of interest and give you some background on the region, geology and other fun facts.  A lot of people find it’s just easier to enjoy the trails when all they have to do is snowshoe.  If you have fun on your tour, ask your guide to suggest other trails you will like. After seeing what you like best about the tour trail, the guide will have good ideas for future self-guided treks.

Our trails can be found within easy reach of our lodge along the Ellis River and around Mirror Lake. You can drive to more distant trails at the end of Carter Notch Road on the Holcombe Property and Prospect Farm. Our trails are maintained for clear passage and marked for easy navigation.

Try our Eskergo Snowshoe Trail that parallels the Ellis River Ski Trail from Jackson XC. Then, explore the Thirsty Owl and Moosabunga Loop on your way back to Jackson for an eight kilometer loop.

Try the Sprucewood Path from the Village to the Eagle Fields.

Explore the Flume Loop and try to guess how this unique glacial feature was formed.

Take a side trip around the Mirror Lake Path to look for the tracks of mink, coyote, river otter, and wild turkeys. Trek over and around rugged glacial terrain features such as eskers, moraines, and drumlins. Marvel at the power of the mile-thick ice sheet that moved thousands of car-sized boulders called glacial erratic. Stand beneath massive trees in an old-growth forest.

If you have the zest for more exploration, drive the five miles north on Carter Notch Road to trek on the Holcombe Trails. Descend 400 vertical feet on the Waldo’s Way Path to the banks of the Wildcat River, a nationally registered Scenic River.

Trek along the river on the Brookside Trail, then ascend through the Brooks Farm fields, which are always dotted with red fox tracks. Return to the parking lot by way of Ruth’s Woods.

We promise you will see and learn things on our snowshoe trails you’ve never seen before. Snowshoes are a great way to explore and find freedom in the quiet woods of the White Mountains.

Snowshoe Map