Jan. 20 – as of 6:30 am

Snowing steadily, as forecast. Approx. 6 inches at this point. We are grooming now to offer what we can for groomed conditions today, but groomers driving at 3 – 4 mph in quickly falling snow means the corduroy will be fleeting. What is listed as “skate” means “no classic tracks were set.”

The routes are the Eagle Mountain network and from the Wentworth out along the Ellis River as far as the Keeney Trail.

The “Eagle Trails” which includes all of the “Wave Trails” plus Christmas Farm out to Valley Cross Road AND the Betty Whitney Trail to Black Mountain are being flat-packed.  This is letting the groomer cover more territory than if tracks were being set. We are doing this to offer a classic touring route that goes all the way up to Black Mountain. Can’t say it enough: classic touring skis, will be the best bet to enjoy the powder while making use of the groomed subsurface.

  • The Betty Whitney Trail, a steady, but skiable uphill tour and a downhill “ride” from Black Mountain on “soft-over-groomed” snow is a recommended route. Start from Valley Cross Road for a shorter route; or in the Village for a long tour on a snowy day.

The Yodel to Wentworth is groomed and tracked; Yodel will hold up for a while due to tree canopy. Wentworth will be groomed twice, to offer the best possible tracks in new snow and provide instruction terrain. The groomer is doing a pass with tracks out on the Ellis River as far as the Keeney Trail.  Again, a lovely tour!!

Cocoa Cabin will not be open today; but we will try to open it on Monday if it’s not too cold!


XC skiing is an outdoor activity, so changes of weather, environmental changes, and unforeseen circumstances can lead to changes and deviations from our plans, and from our latest observations.