October 23, 2020

If it’s Friday it must be “misting” – OK, today it’s actual rain as of 8 am.  Walk and Work Day is still “on” despite the precipitation. There is, however, no need to torture yourself if you don’t want to work on the wet trail. Today’s trail is Alice’s Alley, we’ll be walking up from the Eagle Mountain House. I’ll be at the Eagle Mountain House Parking Lot at 9:30; there will be more “walk and work” days to come… no worries the work will be there. (If it’s pouring, we won’t go; if it’s “just raining” I’ll go for a while but probably not stay out the full 2 hours.)

Three ways you can help JacksonXC:

  1. Season Passes will make things run much more smoothly, both for skiers who can go straight to the trails AND for the JacksonXC staff who will be running day ticket and other transactions as smoothly as possible in the Touring Center, while limiting the number of people in the building.
  2. Day Tickets will be sold every operating day, in the touring center; plus guests at participating lodging partners can get tickets at their front desks. Please let your friends who ski only one or two days per season know that day tickets will be available.
  3. Please vote for JacksonXC in the USA Today Contest:  VOTE
  • You can Vote Every Day. If you would like to get a daily reminder to vote, please let me know!  Remind me to vote!

Operating Notes:

The touring center office, in the “garden level” of 153 Main Street open during the week, but there are times when there is no one in the office (meetings, etc.); we are available by email ([email protected]) and will retrieve and respond to telephone calls, too.

Please purchase season passes online or over the phone.

Thank you for your understanding and your support; we are here for the Jackson community and for the community of cross country skiers.

Better days ahead!

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XC skiing is an outdoor activity, so changes of weather, environmental changes, and unforeseen circumstances can lead to changes and deviations from our plans, and from our latest observations.