Thur, March 26, 2020

Season passes are on sale now at the lowest price of the season. You can help us set the stage for a great 2020-21 season by purchasing now. The low, pre-preseason rates are in effect through March 31.

In light of Governor Sununu’s executive order to close non-essential businesses JacksonXC is now closed for the season. As much as xc skiing is essential to our lives, in the larger scheme of things this is the right thing to do. Skiers will have to rely on “natural grooming” which is the daily transition of snow from “overnight cold” to perfectly soft to “mashed potatoes” for skiing, and it’s definitely not appropriate to be traveling great distances in hopes of hitting the sweet spot for the day. 

These days outdoor exercise is to MAINTAIN your health and well-being, not to test your limits. There are other nordic activities that can help fill days with more open time, including:

  • Nordic walking (look for some videos here tomorrow);
  • cleaning and putting your skis away properly, and 
  • a home-workout as demonstrated in this video by the World Cup skier Johannes Klaebo workout  with a side benefit that you may also learn Norwegian (or at least how to count to 5 in that language.)

Please read this note that was sent out by the Jackson Selectman: 

Notice from Selectmen

As Town of Jackson Selectmen, we value our town and the allure of resources that we have such as wedding venues, cross country skiing and hiking, and amazing restaurants. However, during this time our resources are very limited due to our remote location. We’d like to gently suggest that visitors keep in mind that our local hospitals, medical facilities, and personnel are not equipped to handle an onslaught of patients due to COVID-19. In addition, while we want and need to support our local businesses and restaurants, most are closed or are serving meals on a take-out basis only.
Tourists and visitors may be wise to remain in their home areas where medical resources would be more accessible and available. We look forward to looking back on this when we can all shake hands knowing that our caution was accepted with grace and respect.
John Allen
Barbara Campbell
Dick Bennett


Operating Notes:

The touring center building is not open; we are available by email ([email protected]) and will retrieve and respond to telephone calls, too. 

Gorham Bike and Ski is not open. 

Please purchase season passes online or over the phone.

Thank you for your understanding and your support; we are here for the Jackson community and for the community of cross country skiers.

Better days ahead!

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XC skiing is an outdoor activity, so changes of weather, environmental changes, and unforeseen circumstances can lead to changes and deviations from our plans, and from our latest observations.