Youth Instruction & Programs

Kids love to cross country ski. XC skiing is the most liberating ski experience for a young age: no lines, plenty of wide open spaces, and no sitting around.

Starting at a groomed cross country ski center – JacksonXC – kids can:

  • Become competent recreational skiers.
  • Develop racing skills and speed.
  • Learn the basics that they can use in the back country with parents or when older.
  • Prepare to learn biathlon by becoming skate skiers.
  • Practice ski-orienteering (a military-inspired sport using skiing and maps).
  • Prepare to take up jumping/Nordic combined.
  • Learn the core balance and edging skills needed to become successful downhill skiers.

XC skiing both builds and burns youthful energy, and engages them in the outdoor world.

You can help your child become an avid skier:

  • Have fun while you are XC skiing together. Roll with the weather and conditions.
  • Plan for success: not too long a day; be ready to divert to more fun terrain.
  • Provide appropriate gear and clothing (including replacement dry items), and food/water.
  • Instruction and coaching.
  • Find age-appropriate group options so kids can ski with peers.

JacksonXC offers numerous entry points for youth xc skiing.

Toddlers & Tots

Tuesday mornings, non-holiday, JacksonXC offers free tickets and rentals, including pulks and tot skis, to skiers (up to two adults) who bring a child or children under the age of 5. Use of equipment is based on availability. This is a good time to meet other families with children of similar age.

Rental Pulks and Tot Skis

Pulks let you ski along with your child in a purpose-made sled that you tow from a hip-belt. You can bring your child on your ski outing and easily carry along toys, tot skis, music, snacks, and a change of clothes for a nice family outing. Very little children often sleep; older kids can alternate between XC skiing and riding.

Family and Youth Lessons

Lessons are 1 hour (unless otherwise arranged).

$60 for the first person, $20/person for additional family members.

Intro lesson package: $71/person. Call to reserve; available daily.

Saturday morning and afternoon programs – multi-week

Youth Programs on Saturday morning

Ages 7+ (there will be two+ groups within this range)
Timing: 9:00am- 11:00am
12 sessions. 2 in Christmas Week, 2 in March, weekly in between.
Cost: $150 for the season.
Drop off Program

Ages 5-6
Timing: 9:00am-10:30am
12 sessions. 2 in Christmas Week, 2 in March, weekly in between
Cost: $190 for the season.
Drop-off Program- Parents must be present for the entirety of the first practice.

Youth Programs on Saturday afternoons
Youth programs will be offered on Saturday afternoon as well pending interest levels. (Groups and price same as above).
Starting time: 1:30 pm or 2:30 pm – again, depending on interest levels.

Speed Camp

A no-charge coaching program for grades K-6 who already have some ski experience. Non-holidays Tuesdays 3:15 to 4:15. Parents drop off and pick up and kindergartener must have a parent in attendance at all times; all children must have a parent or designated adult in attendance for the first session. Waiver and registration required. (This is not a childcare program; it takes place 100% outdoors.)