From the Director’s Desk

Feb 1, 2014

The best of the winter is upon us

Dear Ski Friends,

The grooming crew has done a masterful job of make sure that the skiing is as good as possible for you.  Over the past 24 hours, they have carefully groomed 81.4 km of trails for both classic and skate.  The best part of the winter is upon us.  The staff and local townsfolks joined by visitors to Jackson have all had a great time enjoying the fine skiing on the trails.  And we have more snow in the forecast. 

The Olympic games are just around the corner.  It appears that NBC will be broadcasting nordic skiing this time around.  I am so proud of our skiers that are now making it to the top of the results.  Kikkan Randall, Jess Diggins and more are all capable of medal performances.  This is such a dream come true for those of us who have been out there every day for the past 40 years trying hard to provide for the possibilty of such performance.  We used to get excited about a top 25 performance.  Now our skiers are dissappointed if they don't get into the top 5. It's been fun to watch.

Good luck to all at the games.

Drive safely on your way,