From the Director’s Desk

Mar 20, 2014

March 20 - spring arrives?

Dear Ski Friends,

Spring arrives this afternoon at 12:57 pm., but you wouldn’t know it by the weather.
We got over a foot of snow last night and it’s still snowing.  We've got 26-70" of snow on the ground depending on location and elevation.

Here's my back deck this morning.

Mike and Andy are out in their machines going at full steam getting the trails opened up for today’s skiers.  All of our trails are open. 

The weather forecast has more snow on Saturday and again on Tuesday.  We will remain open until March 30 and then, even though we will be officially closed, our plan is to continue grooming so that you can continue to ski.  Where we will be grooming is the question.  I will post the location on our Facebook page - if you haven’t “Liked” it yet, here’s your chance to get in on a good information resource.

Our season pass sale for 2015 is on until March 31.  Get your 2015 pass at 2014 preseason prices and beat the price increase.  Just click here to order.

Here is the video from Tuesday.  The skiing is about the same (awesome) but the trees are now a bit shorter due to the added snowpack. 

I had a chance to ski the Wildcat Valley Trail this week with Avery Caldwell.  Avery was the Foundation’s first Executive Director and was instrumental in designing this classic trail.  Here are a couple of photos from the trip.  Look for the blue diamond in the right hand photo ((hint: 2 trees to the right of Avery's knees).  We usually put these up high on the backside due to snowpack.








End of season skiing is as good as it gets at Jackson Ski Touring.  I’ll be heading out again shortly.

Drive safely on your way,