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Youth Programs


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Youth Instruction & Programs

Kids love to XC ski. XC skiing is the most liberating ski experience for a young age: no lines, plenty of wide open spaces, no sitting around.

Starting at a groomed cross country ski center – JacksonXC – kids can:

  • become competent recreational skiers,
  • develop racing skills and speed,
  • learn the basics that they can use in the back country with parents or when older,
  • prepare to learn biathlon by becoming skate skiers,
  • practice ski-orienteering (a military-inspired sport using skiing and maps),
  • prepare to take up jumping/Nordic combined, and
  • learn the core balance and edging skills needed to become successful downhill skiers.

XC skiing both builds and burns youthful energy, and engages them in the outdoor world.

You can help your child become an avid skier:

  • Have fun while you are xc skiing together. Roll with the weather and conditions.
  • Plan for success: not too long a day; be ready to divert to more fun terrain.
  • Provide appropriate gear and clothing (including replacement dry items), and food/water.
  • Instruction and coaching.
  • Find age-appropriate group options so kids can ski with peers.

JacksonXC offers numerous entry points for youth xc skiing.

Toddlers & Tots:

Tuesday mornings, non-holiday, JacksonXC offers free tickets and rentals, including pulks and tot skis, to skiers (up to two adults) who bring a child or children under the age of 5.  Use of equipment is based on availability.  This is a good time to meet other families, while maintaining appropriate (6+ feet) distance, with similar aged children and interests.

Rental Pulks and Tot Skis:

Pulks let you ski along with your child in a purpose-made sled that you tow from a hip-belt.  You can bring your child on your ski outing, and easily carry along toys, tot skis, music, snacks and a change of clothes, for a nice family outing.  Very little children often sleep; older kids can alternate between xc skiing and riding.

Family and Youth Lessons

Lessons are 1 hour (unless otherwise arranged). $60 for the first person, $20/person for additional family members.  Intro lesson package: $65/person.  Call to reserve; available daily.

Recreational Ski Orienteering Course (Starting Jan. 23)

Get a free map (at the front desk) and find the Orienteering way points.

Speed Camp

A no-charge coaching program for kids who already have some ski experience. Non-holiday Tues & Thur, 2:30 to 3:30 pm.  Parents drop off and pick up.  Grades K-6. Kindergartener must have a parent in attendance at all times; all youth must have a parent or designated adult in attendance for the child’s first session.  Waiver and registration required. (This is not a childcare program; it takes place 100% outdoors.)

Plus programs for local youth:

JacksonXC is supporting the Jackson Grammar School’s physical education classes this winter with xc coaching.  In addition, JacksonXC is providing xc and snowshoe experiences to participants in the Conway Elementary Schools’ Project Succeed program.

JSTF Tots and Toddlers Program: Tuesdays 9:30-11:30am

 Offered every Tuesday except: Dec. 29 and Feb. 16.

  • The goal of the program is to inspire & encourage parents with little children to xc ski and enjoy the outdoors in winter.
  • Free skiing and use of children’s and adult rental equipment and pulks (available on a first-come, first-serve basis).
  • This program is open to parents, nannies/grandparents, etc. and children from infants to pre-K.

COVID-19 Modifications:

  • Unlike the previous year’s program there is no use of the building so kids need to arrive ready to go.  We realize this is not easy, the “snowsuit olympics” makes synchronized swimming look simple.
  • Please call ahead to reserve a pulk; it will be outside with your name on it; likewise we will put skis outside and have boots ready. .
  • Rolling arrival is the best; no need to all arrive at 9:30.  If equipment comes back a little after 11:30 that is OK.

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  • Speed Camp: Thursdays, 2:30 pm (arrive between 2:15 and 2:30). Complimentary youth xc ski clinic. Games based learning and casual time trials for K-8 skiers. (Kindergarten must have parent on site. 1st time families check in by phone.)
  • A waiver signed by parent or guardian is required to participate.
  • Skiers must agree to comply with COVID-19 practices, including wearing masks that cover nose and mouth during the session; and follow coaches’ guidance re: activities and distancing.
  • Whether you are already an expert or just starting out, Speed Camp is fun and you will learn new things.