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10th Annual White Mountain Classic 30K

Jan 26, 2014 09:30:00


"It's all for the Kids!"

January 26, 2014
Jackson, New Hampshire
Due to Weather the course has been modified to reduce exposure to wind.

Thanks For Supporting Junior Skiing in the Mount Washington Valley.

General: The WMC30K is the first classic technique event of the 2014 New England Marathon Series, one of the 2014 TD Bank Citizen Series, as well as the prestigious 1-Day Club Championships! This is a classic technique marathon utilizing the unique trail systems in and around Jackson Village. The Course includes Jackson's FIS Homologated Course, Wentworth Golf Course, and Eagle Mtn Fields. Entry includes food stations, post race meal, awards and random prizes to both racers and tourers. All proceeds to benefit valley-wide junior nordic program. IT'S ALL FOR THE KIDS! Touring Classes are untimed. All skiers 13 and under must tour with an adult.


Racers: $50 if received by 01/6/14, $65 by 01/21/14; $100 by 01/24/14.  Tourers: $40 if received by 01/06/14, $65 by 01/21/14, $100 by noon on 01/24/14. Registration officially closes at 11:00PM on Tuesday, 01/21/14 or earlier if 400 person limit is reached. No DOR registration. Kids 13-and-under and touring with an adult, $20 by 01/21/14 at 11:00PM. Sorry, no refunds if event is postponed or cancelled! Since the race motto is IT'S ALL FOR THE KIDS!, we are pleased to offer a reduced fee ($20 per student) for organized high school ski teams participating in the 30K Tour (not the race). This opportunity is available, upon the team coach's request only, by emailing ski@jacksonxc.org  by 01/10/14. 

BIB PICKUP: Race HQ, Jackson Ski Touring Foundation (JSTF), Jackson Village Saturday 1/25 5:00-7:00 PM Sunday 1/26 - 7:30-9:00 AM

PARKING ON RACE DAY: Parking is available at Jackson Ski Touring Center. Additional parking at the Town Hall, Grammar School, and Town Office/new Library lot.

RACE CLASSES: Normal NENSA age groupings for timed race (J2, J1, U23, SR, M1-M12 for Men and Women)

COURSE: RACE COURSE MAPStart behind the Touring Center, follow the course through the Wentworth Fields for 4 km, ascend the Yodel Trail to the Eagle Fields, do 2 laps of the Wave and Eagle fields and descend the Yodel Trail to the Wentworth Fields Finishing across the street from the Touring Center. Kilometer markers will be set and the last 200 meters marked.

WAXING: The waxing area is outdoors near stadium start. On Friday 1/24 the race recommendation will be posted at www.JacksonXC.org.  On race day, the wax recommendation will be posted at the entrance to the Gorham Bike and Ski shop in the JSTF baselodge.

REST ROOMS: Downstairs in the JSTF Center and at Whitney Community Center.


Timed Race 9:30 AM

Sit Skiers 9:31 AM

Untimed Tour 9:32 AM

To provide the best skiing experience for everyone, all tourers must start promptly 1 min after the ski racers.  This will allow tourers ample time to ascend the Yodel Trail at a leisurely pace before the racers begin their descent.

START: Self Seed Mass Start - If the person behind you is a faster skier, your start will be more enjoyable by switching positions. 

TECHNIQUE: Classic technique only.

Like many other NENSA events, there could be non-event ski tourers on the race trails. They are not a cause for protest and failure to treat them with respect could result in your disqualification. Remember, ski touring area amenities exist because these people choose to pay and ski here - the race is a privilege.

SAFETY: Report any accidents or issues to the next feed station or road crossing personnel. Emergency Medical Staff will be available at the Start and Finish areas and at the Feed Station. Remember to drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.

DROPOUTS: If for some reason you decide to drop out, please let the feed station volunteers or finish area staff know. This is for your safety and will eliminate the need for a search. Also, do not cross the finish line and get timed unless you have completed the entire race. Tourers should proceed through designated finish so that we can record that you have safely and successfully completed the entire course.

FEED STATIONS: Eagle Station is located at 9.5 km, 12.5 km, 18.8 km & 21.7 km; A "FEED 200M" trail sign will be posted before the feed stations. Provided at each station are water, sports drink, oatmeal cookies, and fig cookies. Vitaminwater and Hot Chocolate will be available as you cross the finish line.

POST RACE LUNCH: Post race lunch at Whitney Community Center from 11:30 until 2:15 PM. The WC Center is behind the Jackson Grammar School 200 yards from JSTF. YOUR BIB IS YOUR TICKET! The bib is also needed to collect Random Draw Prizes at the Whitney Center, so bring it! For friends and family of participants, there are several eating establishments within walking distance.

Also, chefs for the post-race lunch will cater to non-participants @$10/adult and $7/child, so no need for the family to be separated. Pay at the door at the Whitney Center. Racing or Touring participants need to bring their bib as a ticket. Expect pasta, sauce with veggie or meat options, soup, bread, cookies, etc.

RANDOM DRAW PRIZES distributed at Whitney Center: Again this year, we decided to do away with the Awards Ceremony so skiers and volunteers can either head home or go skiing right after lunch. It will be replaced with a Prize Distribution System. Here is how it works. While you are out racing, touring or volunteering, names will be drawn randomly for prizes. These names will be posted at the Whitney Center's entrance. Lucky winners simply report to the Prize Distribution Table (at the luncheon) and submit your bib. A volunteer will match your name and bib number with a predetermined prize. Prizes not claimed by 2:15 PM will be given to one of our hard working volunteers.

OVERALL RACE AWARDS distributed at JSTF: Check the large digital screen in the Lodge for results to determine if you are in the top 3 men overall, the top 3 women overall, or one of the many NENSA age group winners by gender. If so, report to the Awards Table at the front entrance to the Ski Touring Center and submit your racing bib. A volunteer will then match the winner's bib number with their award. However, you may only qualify once out of the above Race Award categories. Awards not claimed by 2:15 will be given to one of our hard working volunteers.


RESOURCE PHONE: Jackson Ski Touring Foundation 603-383-9355

LODGING RESERVATIONS: Preferred Lodging or 1-800-866-3334

This information sheet was published 01/18/2014 and is subject to change and/or updates.

Check with the race secretary prior to the end of registration for any changes.

The Jackson Ski Touring Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization chartered to maintain cross country ski trails in and about the village of Jackson. The Mount Washington Nordic Club, also nonprofit, has promoted organized cross country skiing activities for all ages and abilities in the Greater Mount Washington Area since 1986.






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