From the Director’s Desk

Aug 18, 2010

News Update

Hi Ski Friends,

Deep Summer is winding down and thoughts of fall trail work are starting to creep in.  Today I spent the morning in the woods with U S Forest Service Ranger Joe Gill finalizing the route for a future trail called The Keeney Trail.  Two new easements have been signed.  Our thanks to Bruce and Vicky Hill and to Steve and Anne Frost for easements to preserve the trails on their properties.

Annual memberships will be on sale starting September 1.

We were truly saddened to hear of the passing of two of our long time annual members and friends.  Both Rose Ann Yap and Jan Kuhn passed away this summer.  Both were way too young and their passing was way too soon.  We will miss them.

Hope to see you soon,


July 27

Hi Ski Friends,

News right now is that Bengt Karlsson has signed an easement for a portion of the Yodel Trail.  Take a look at the press release for all the details.  Karlsson Easement

Enjoying summer right now, and looking forward to a good winter.


Feb 4

The Jackson Snow Relocation Team has been out in force. Is it worth skiing? You bet. There’s plenty of skiing for your enjoyment. Don’t let the look of the open fields near the touring center discourage you. There is a really good route across the open areas to get to the Ellis.

Snow is predicted in the near future.

This Saturday is our February Potluck Dinner. This month, former Olympic skier Charlie Kellogg will be giving a slideshow “Ganesh Himal” for your enjoyment.

We have a pulk that was donated up for sale. Used only twice and in excellent shape. First $200 takes it. We’ll use the money for a good cause. We have also put our rental skis on sale. Take a look and get a real bargain.

This Sunday, we are going to run a Snowshoe to Brunch event guided by our ever ebullient Peter Minnich. Starting off here and ending at a restaurant for Brunch what a way to start a Sunday! Watch the website’s “News” and “Events” for details.

Sunday Feb 21st Groomed Trail Challenge,cntnt01,default,0&cntnt01event_id=67&cntnt01display=event&cntnt01lang=en_GB&cntnt01returnid=17 is going to be fun. There will be new snow by then and many trails will be groomed to be included in the challenge.

Coming on March 5, 6 and 7 is the TDBank NENSA J2 Championships. This is a great event for 14 & 15 yr old skiers. Join the fun by volunteering some time. Email me at if you can help. Jackson’s own Hannah Benson is a shoe-in for a slot on the New Hampshire Team.

That’s about it from here. Keep an eye on the condition page: for ski conditions and on the events page: for upcoming events

I gotta go wax Denise’s skis. It’s her 63rd day in a row today.

Drive safely on your way,