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Long Distance Options Abound at JacksonXC

Packed Powder from the base of Pinkham Notch to Black Mountain this morning, and we are scheduling a groomer to refresh the most heavily used trails at Prospect later this AM. Classic tracks as well as a skate platform throughout the network with the exception of areas with thinner base depths. An amazing day to […]

Feb. 28 65K freshly groomed at JacksonXC

65 K groomed between yesterday afternoon and this morning. Overnight grooming prepared the Ellis Corridor Trails, including North Hall and South Hall (the 1K section of North Hall connecting the parking lot to Kellogg is “yesterday’s groom,” and still in good shape) and the full Ellis. Wentworth is in great shape for touring, learning and launching your day’s […]

Ski JacksonXC Feb. 21

50K groomed between yesterday afternoon and this morning; 70 K groomed since Friday night. Packed powder skiing in every trail network. From dog-friendly Prospect Farm in Carter Notch to the base of Pinkham Notch; plus East Pasture up past Black Mountain Ski Area, JacksonXC’s distant, long-distance trails await skiers seeking challlenge and views. In the […]

Feb. 20 Ski Today, Tomorrow

2″ of new powder groomed into 50 K for Saturday morning; plus another 10+K groomed Thursday night, provide so many options for skiers JacksonXC skiers today. The new snow gives a soft packed powder skiing surface – great for classic and skate skiing.   Link to ski report

Trails to Try, JacksonXC Feb 14

Link to ski report page: Happy Valentine’s Day. Mild, mid-20s temperatures are pairing up with outstanding dry packed powder for a great day of skiing at JacksonXC. Classic tracks extend in all directions from the touring center; plus off-site trailheads offer additional options. . 62 K groomed; 27 K fresh for today.

Sat., Feb 13 Ski Report

Link to report page: Happy Valentine’s Eve! JacksonXC skiers will find machine groomed tracks from Prospect Farm in Carter Notch to the base of Pinkham Notch. The Upper Village has been fully groomed for several days now, and all but the outermost trails were re-groomed last night. Prospect is getting the major trails regroomed, plus […]

Link to Ski Report: JacksonXC skiers will find 55+ K of fresh-for-today grooming from Carter Notch/ Prospect Farm to the Rocky Branch parking lot (base of Pinkham Notch), with both classic tracks and a skate platform wherever possible. There is a terrain park on the Wentworth loop (near the touring center.) The snow is packed […]

Feb. 10 Ski Report

Link to report page: JacksonXC skiers will find fresh grooming from Prospect Farm in Carter Notch to the top of Maple Mountain Loop today. Last night we groomed from the Yodel and Wentworth Loops up the Ellis to Dolloff Farm, and then the Keeney/Maple/S Hall/Bengt and Wifferdill trails; plus Riverbank, all classic & skate. This […]