LL Bean Base Camp First Snow

December 17 Ski Report


LL Bean Base Camp First Snow

The LL Bean Base Camp opens up every day with benches and an oversized trail map!

December 17

8:15 update  still waiting on plowing at Prospect. No power in Jackson Village. We are here at the center. Phones don’t work without power, but we look forward to seeing you

Groomers have been working on 3 trail networks this morning; they put off starting from the planned midnight to 3 am in order for the snow to set up a little, and they are still working as of 6:30 am.

The Upper and Lower Village trails are “rolled-only”- this is a light weight packing to consolidate the snow and pack it for recreational skiing. The groomer said that skiers with basic skills and experience can have fun on classic touring skis.  The parking access for the upper village is the Valley Cross Road parking lot. Rolled are the Wave, Henry, John and Peter’s Passage plus the Eagle. There were multiple passes on this terrain.

The Wentworth Loop is rolled on the Touring Center side (one time); the conditions are warmer and the 2nd pass was starting to pull up the snow. It is suitable for “getting out on skis” for the first time of the year.  Classic skis.  We have not packed through the bridge/tunnel.

At Prospect there is a lot of snow, upwards of 18″ and it is dryer.  The groomer has packed and set tracks on Boggy Brook; the report is that classic will be better; the skate lane is soft. The lot has not been plowed yet so not a good super early option in terms of early access.  It is on the list to be plowed but the crews, both town and private, are going to be pulled in a lot of directions.

This is not the typical ski report; there was a glitch on the website last night and the “regular report” will be up and running later today; and this report will be updated with more details as the groomers wrap up. There are not expected to be many changes to this report.