Feb. 4, Awesome snow, more trails

Link to ski report:

The corduroy and classic tracks extend from JacksonXC’s Touring Center in all directions. The Ellis River Trail (South) was groomed last night, the Keeney Trail, South Hall and Wifferdill/Bengt loop (15K). Additional trails from that loop were groomed yesterday. The Upper Village now has four access points: Yodel from Central Village; Valley Cross Road lot, AND last night the Woodchuck Bridge was installed, so you can ski directly t to the Wildcat and Eagle Fields, plus the Wave; and the Betty Whitney Trail was groomed (Wed) for access from Whitney’s Inn and Black Mountain Ski Area. The trails at Prospect are getting re-groomed this morning. Have a GREAT day on the trails. Total of 35 K groomed for today; 65+ in the past 2 days.