Jan. 11 Ski Report

JacksonXC groomed approx. 32 K last night. Today will be mild, very pleasant for skiing. The snow is not deep and you need to ski “heads up” looking for thin spots, but there are literally miles (or kilometers) of continuous skiing here on groomed terrain; plus open-field loops for touring with friends and an outstanding learning terrain. Cold overnights are providing good conditions for grooming; and although we and you wish there was more snow, there is at least the ability to smooth it out (and set some tracks) each night. It’s not perfect, but it’s good, and there is a lot to choose from.

Taking a break on the Woodchuck Fields

Terrain selection based on your interest include:

  • Classic tracks in packed powder for gentle gliding on the training loop of the Wentworth Resort (on the ‘far side’ of Main St.); and easy classic tracks throughout the Wentworth Loops and the Eagle Fields.
  • There are tracks for skiers looking for longer classic skiing on Boggy Brook, in Carter Notch on the dog-friendly Prospect Farm network; and there are tracks on South Hall (in sections) reached via Ellis, Bengt, Wifferdill (and some classic on Ellis).
  • The Ellis River Trail is an excellent tour with thinning snow – the recreational skier may want a wider waxless ski because it’s not deep enough for tracks the whole way.
  • The Upper Village is primarily skate (with some classic on Eagle).
  • For a fun in-town loop, check out the Troll Trail, with classic and skate grooming once you get “up on the loop,” (this direction will make sense when you get there.)  The entry hill is intermediate but the loop is easy.