Jan. 19 – enjoy the new snow

JacksonXC groomed and/or is in the process of morning-grooming approx. 20K of trails for today/click for full report. There is a definite difference in snow condition based on elevation. More & drier snow at the higher elevations (Prospect Farm in Carter Notch); less snow, but the gentler terrain in the Upper Village (particularly the Woodchuck Fields) and Lower Village is groomed for easy access, better parking (esp. Wentworth) and all abilities. Where the condition is “granular groomed” the surface is better for skating, and more experienced skiers. The Ellis River Trail, with long distance skiing extensions up to the South Hall/Maple intersection,  has been groomed with a skate platform; it will be good for experienced skiers, particularly skaters, who want a longer route. It is not recommended for beginner skiers today.

Thank you Jillian for sending in this picture from JacksonXC’s Prospect Farm trails in Carter Notch.