Jan. 30 Ski JacksonXC today

Link to ski report.

A great day for flying… at the Airport Trail. Skate skiers, head to the Wave, Airport, John and Henry trails and take off. (picture from 1/29)

A stellar day for cross country skiing; head for the wooded trails and you will quickly warm up with many kilometers to choose from. Long distance skiers: head out the Ellis River Trail and up the Keeney towards Maple Mountain. Prospect Farm has many long K options, too. Skate skiers -hop onto the Wave trails, from Valley Cross Road for a rollercoaster of fun. The Woodchuck has classic and skate, as do the Eagle Fields.The Wentworth Loop is classic and skate groomed right outside the Touring Center, and the Troll Trail is a nice protected loop close to town. There is total of 43 K groomed for today and more than 62 K groomed over the past three nights, most within the last 36 hours.