Ski Report Jan. 24

Link to report page. It was a dark and windy night, and groomers hit the trail early and stayed out for some long routes in the Village and Ellis River Corridor trails. Prospect Farm, where there was more packed powder to begin with had a reduced grooming route last night; we just regroomed Boggy Brook which is being used for the self-timed Freeman Frost White Mountain Classic, and left the other trails undisturbed from their good Saturday afternoon condition. The Ellis River grooming was extended to the Kellogg junction; and we groomed the Maple Mountain loop. All three groomers report “debris” in the trail from the wind; they removed big items when they could, but there will be branches that fell after grooming, we will pick them up as we can, and we welcome any “stick tossing” you can add to the effort.


Quail, flying.