Jan 22 Ski Report

Jan. 22, 6 am

A week of delightfully NORMAL weather for a change: cold nights, moderate days and daily/nightly accumulations of 1 to 2 to even 3+ inches of fluffy new powder snow make a big difference in the fun factor for JacksonXC skiers.

The Main Event is mid-winter skiing at Prospect Farm and on the S. Hall and Maple Trails. You can either drive a few miles up to JacksonXC’s Prospect Farm/Carter Notch trailhead and get right on the snow; or ski a few K along the Ellis River and enjoy a packed powder climb (and later descent) to classic & skate conditions on S. Hall and Maple. If you love to a “big K” ski outing, JacksonXC is where you want to be.

Corner of Orchard and Wildcat Valley, Jan. 21. Skate, Classic and powder to spare!